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prepare for cool

once upon a time

there was a wiki

and the wiki was a hot man

with tight pants

named wilfre

wilfre was all like 'i need me a wiki babe'

and then kain koolaid-ed through th wall

as the #1 wiki babe

then,,, sudenly

they were in ancient ruins

searching for the treasure

so they pulled a lrvr in the wall

but that activated a trap

suddenly a big hole uopened in the ceiling

releasing a giant head of lettuce

which indiana jones bouldered at them

and it crushed the wiki!!! oh no

but the wiki was horribly mutilated

now all the words were capitalized

and there wer way to many commas


the wiki diead

and kain was a sad

so he turned into a cat and flew awayk



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A wiki named WIlfre is looking for a Wiki Babe, when suddenly Kain appears to fill the Wiki-Babe shaped hole in Wilfre's heart. They then go to explore the Ancient Ruins, where Wilfre is crushed and killed by a large ball of lettuce. Kain, in his sadness, turns into a cat and flies away to Sky.