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Kain was a cat, flying through the furthest reaches of sky.]

He thought to himself, contemplating the death of his only love, Wilfre. e

They were all profound thoughts, such as "What does life mean" and "Does time exist" and "memiowo"

when suddenly, a great weight began to drag kain down

he was no longer a cat fly in sky

he was just cat splat on ground

"why am ground?" he ask.

the answer was because he was magneted to ground

by his pure attraction to wilfre

the spsot he magneted two was wher wilfre was bury

but then he came out as zombie

and they kissed. the end

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Kain is flying through Sky, as was left off at the end of AoK 1. Suddenyl, he is pulled to the ground from his attraction to Wilfre, who has been revived as a xombie. They kiss and are happy together.